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“Our team is very efficient, full of Experience,
Talk sweetly, satisfy completely,
Care taker with very cool and frank nature,
Deals with million, punctual caring and brilliant”


Dr. Rachna Vij- She is very gentle and loves her work. With her own ways of communication she becomes friendly with the patients. She helps the patient in two ways: one, gives suitable remedy. Two, teaches them yoga and meditation for making life peaceful. She has done her graduation from Dr. B. R. SUR Homoeopathic Medical College, Delhi. She is associated with this clinic for the last 18 years.

Dr. Priyanka Vashishth- She is very punctual and particular about things she does. She has been associated with this group since a year. She is assisting her senior doctors in the clinic. She did her graduation from Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, Delhi.
Dr. Shweta Sharma- A lovely Smile and a kind-hearted are some attributes of her. She is master of Goggling and wishes to be thorough with the latest in homoeopathy as well as modern medical science. She has done her graduation from Bharti Vidyapeeth Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra. She is working in this team since 8 months.
Dr. Parul Sharma- Her hallmark is communication skill. This makes it easy to build a friendly doctor-patient relationship, leading to perceiving well the personality of patient. She is greatly inclined to modern technologies and application thereof in the field of their profession. She has completed her graduation from Raipur Homoeopathic Medical College, Raipur, Chhattisgarh and associated with clinic since 6 months.
Ms. Saleha Aggarwal- Having been inspired by the invaluable  contribution of her father, Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Aggarwal and grandfather, Dr. M. L. Agrawal, in the field of homoeopathy,  she followed their footsteps, and choose to be a homoeopath. She is doing her graduation in homoeopathy from Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College, Greater Noida, U.P. She maintains the AHC displaying with positive attitude.
Mr. Parth Aggarwal- His brilliance and keen interest in software technology makes him a very important part of this clinic. He helps the team to understand and incorporate new developments in software and computerized methods. For us, he is a Google. He solves our problems related to computers.
Dispensing Team:-
Mr. Prem Singh Rawat- He is Polite and sincere. He prepares remedies following all guidelines of pharmacy. He is the man behind dispensing medicines in a correct way. He has been working with the clinic since 6 years.
Mr. Manoj Kumar- His punctuality and straight forward disposition are his important features. He also helps the team of AHC in dispensing medicines. He has been associated with the clinic since 5 years.
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