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Dr. (Mrs.) Krishna Agrawal: A well known saying: “Behind every great man there is a woman” seems so true here. Dr.(Mrs.) Krishna Agrawal wife of Late Dr. M. L. Agrawal. She stood with him at every point of time with her thoughts and wishes for serving humanity with homoeopathy. She is very kind and a noble soul.

Prof.(Dr.) Pankaj Aggarwal:

His medicine can destroy all the illness
like a volcano can destroy its surrounding..
His eyes are like of hawk
Which won’t let a single symptom to go away..
If he’ll treat; he’ll treat not a person’s disease
but a person as a whole.
He connects with the patient’s soul.
Yes people do think that homoeopathy is as slow as molasses But,
it is untrue and very untrue if in case your doctor is Dr. Pankaj.
If you are treated by him then definitely you will swim like a fish in the water of your diseases... And reach the shore very soon. This is what everyone feels about him.
“He treats a person as a whole,
And connects with patient’s soul
And I guarantee Your soul will be touched by his ‘’BOL’’.. ..”

He is the Director of Agrawal Homoeo Clinic. Following the way which was shown by Late Dr. M. L. Agrawal (his father), he started his practice in AHC on 14-feb-1991. Homoeopathy is something he has been learning since his childhood by observing his father. His academic career started in 1982 when he joined the course of D.H.M.S. from Homoeopathic Medical College Chandigarh. He did Dip. N.I.H. Kolkata (W.B). His eagerness to learn did not end there though good enough for medical practice. He did M.D. in Homoeopathy and M. A. in Psychology. Study of psychology enhanced his homoeopathic medical faculties further to analyse and assess the diseased person. Now he is doing his Ph.D. in Homoeopathy. This 23years practice did quench his thirst for learning while dealing with patients and escorts too; he learns and applies in discharging his duty. His very conversations with the patients with a kind tone and tenor start healing process in the patient.

Mrs. Reetika Aggarwal:

Our only care taker, With very jolly nature,
Always rushing, Caring and loving,
Baatein karti hai touching,
And sabke sath hai very amazing

Mrs. Reetika Aggarwal too is behind Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Aggarwal for his fame and name in the field of treatment of patients through the medium of homoeopathic remedy. She makes homely environment for all who are associated with Agrawal Homoeo Clinic.
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