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Healthy Family
The team of AHC comprises well-qualified doctors and pharmacists who work together with dedication and provide good quality of medical service to their patients. AHC is well-equipped with State-of-Art software and Computers to clear the appointments and maintain patient’s medical record.
The team of AHC works under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Aggarwal and has received appreciation from patients and recognition at national and international forums.
Our team members are also taught to practice quietitude and tranquality which is essential for successful practice of homoeopathy.
In this span, of forty years with the passage of time, variety of developments, leading to adoption of improved methods for treatment of patient have taken place. Now it stands tall with well-experienced as well as budding and enthusiastic homoeopathic physicians, who update themselves with the latest technology supported by new researches in homoeopathic service.
To treat the patient in a wholesome manner and restore him to health, so that he can live a joyful life.
Reaching integrated healthcare solutions to the doorsteps of the needy by establishing and developing well-equipped medical centers managed by incorruptible personnel. Holding regular camps by and by to create awareness of benefits of homoeopathic treatment.
Our Inspirations
  Dr. N. C. BANERJEE : An Indian Railways employee, practised with devotion, homoeopathic system of medicine and treated the sick around him successfully.
Dr. M. L. Agrawal :  
                   All rounder and amazing,
                                         Knowledge ke liye always craving…
                  Inspiration to future generation,
                                         Homoeopathy was his passion…
                   He was good at teaching lesson,
                                       Good at treating infection,
                                         Coz he knew what was perfection…
He was one of disciple of Dr. N. C. Banerjee. A strong desire sprouted in him to study homoeopathy so that he could as well serve the sick. He worked hard grasping the homoeopathic science and applied it as an art effectively with desired results. He was an ardent practitioner of homoeopathy.

Prof. (Dr.) Lal Mohd. Khan:
                               “Homoeopathic head and professor
                                                  He is a narrator
                                            A perfect disease killer
                                       As he is a damn good healer.”

 He is well known all over as Dr. L. M. Khan of N.I.H., Calcutta, India. He is the H.O.D. of Organon, a vital part of homoeopathy containing aphorisms as in shlokas in enshrined in Bhagwad Geeta and principles written into the Holy Bible and Holy Quran. With one look he grasp the patient. Many a student of N.I.H take his name while appreciating the patient for prescription.

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